Paradise Activity Company – Bikes at MDR

Here at Mystic Dunes, we have many complimentary amenities to choose from. The most popular amenity here amongst our guests would have to be bicycles. They are of no charge to the guests, and they get them for 2 hours at a time. To sign them out you simply just sign a waiver for all participants and provide a room number.


Guests often take them for a stroll through the golf course as it is mostly wooded and provides a shaded, scenic route. With over 600 acres to ride around at Mystic Dunes, you can imagine bicycles are the fastest way to explore the property. From the front entrance to the back, the entrance is 1.1 miles. If you’re looking for a workout there are plenty of hills to bike up and down as well.


During your bike ride, you will notice an abundance of wildlife. You will see everything from sand cranes to raccoons. Even though raccoons are normally nocturnal they are no strangers to daylight here at the resort. While riding you will also be able to locate the 4 pool locations, grill areas, and our mini-golf course.


Book your stay at Mystic Dunes Resort and enjoy the ride!



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