Wine Glass Painting

wine glass painting activity

Are you looking for something to do for a girl’s night? Wine glass painting is the perfect thing. Wine glass painting is something simple but so much fun. Get the girl’s together and have a fun night of painting.

The best thing about this craft is that you can do anything you want to the wine glasses. If you want a classic look get a wine glass with a stem or if you are looking for a more modern look get a stemless wine glass. The possibilities are endless with either on of them.

painting wine glass activity from Paradise Activity Company

Most of you know what a circuit is, but if you don’t, it is a machine that cuts out letters, designs, or patterns; it can do anything you want. With the circuit you can print out letters that you want to put on your wine glass or some sort of design, such as bee, butterfly or something holiday like a snowman or pumpkin.

The circuit is just one way that you can decorate your wine glass, but if you do not have one, there are plenty of other ways to decorate your wine glass, like using glass markers, glue and glitter or paint.

If you are using wine glasses with stems, one fun idea you could do is paint the bottom of them with black chalk paint. So, for all those amazing parties that you host, your guests can write their names on their wine glass so that they never get them mixed up with someone else’s. You don’t have to use black chalk paint either, you can use any color chalk paint that you would like to, black just works best with white chalk.

Holiday wine glass painting is a fun idea too. You can paint snowmen on your wine glass for your winter gatherings with friends and family, paint them like a fall tree, or put bunnies on them to use around Easter time. The holiday ideas are endless. Whatever you decide to paint make sure to seal it so that it doesn’t come off.

Glitter is always another fun option too. If you choose to use glitter, make sure that you seal it with a dishwasher safe sealant, like mod podge. When you use glitter the best way to do is to tape off where you want the glitter to be, use your favorite color of glitter, add some mod podge to the glass, pour the glitter over the mod podge and then let that coat dry for about thirty minutes, repeat these steps until you get the covering that you would like. Once that is all done make sure to seal it with the sealant that you chose and then you are done. Glitter is something that gets everywhere so be prepared.

The best thing about wine glasses is that they make a fantastic gift to anyone. Use them as a bridesmaid present for a wedding or just give them as a birthday gift. There are so many things that you can do with them. The ideas are limitless, the only limit is your imagination.

Happy Crafting!



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