Swirl Tie Dye

Swirly Tie Dye Shirts Grand Beach FL

Swirl Tie Dye Shirts

Tie Dye is one of our most popular and favorite souvenir activities to do at Grand Beach. The shirts have our resort logo, so it makes for a great memory that can be worn and enjoyed all year long. The process of dying the shirt is simple and fairly quick, so it won’t take up much of your time to create a one-of -a-kind souvenir of your vacation.
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Tie Dye A Shirt

We have shirt sizes ranging from kid’s small up to adult XL. Once you choose your size, we soak the shirt in a special mixture of water and soda ash. The special dyes that we use react with the soda ash to make the shirt absorb the dye and make the colors last and won’t wash out. After the shirt is wet with the soda ash mixture, the shirt is laid out flat and we use a fork to make the twisted design. We place the fork in the middle of the shirt or around the chest area and simply twist the fork, almost as if twisting pasta. The shirt will twist with the fork and become a circular shape. We then use three rubber bands to bind the shirt together, and those rubber bands create 6 triangles on the shirt. Now we are ready for the dye.
Swirly Tie Dye Shirts Grand Beach Orlando

How To Do The Swirly Tie On Tie Dye Shirts


To color the shirt, you can choose up to three different colors. We offer red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and pink. Remember the rubber bands that create the 6 triangles? Those triangles are the guide for where to put the dye on the shirt. You take your first color bottle of dye that you chose and fill in between the lines of the rubber band all inside 1 triangle. Take that same color and fill in between the lines of the triangle directly across from the one you just did. Once you have two triangles filled with that first color, you flip the shirt over and fill in the two triangles on the underside of the shirt. Next, choose your second color of dye, and repeat for two other triangles on both sides of the shirt. Repeat the same thing with the third color of dye on the remaining triangles on both sides of the shirt. The shirt should be completely covered in your 3 colors of dye with the rubber bands still on the shirt.

DIY Swirly Tie Dye T Shirts

Leave the shirt in a plastic or Ziploc bag for at least 8-12 hours to let the shirt fully absorb the dye. After that time, you can cut the rubber bands in the middle where the bands meet, and your shirt is ready to rinse. You can rinse the shirt in the sink with cold water or in the washing machine on “cold water,” and “rinse cycle” only, with no other clothing in the machine. Rinsing will get rid of the excess dye from the shirt before it’s ready to be washed. After the rinsing process, the dyed shirt can be washed in the washing machine on “cold water,” with no other clothing, and laundry detergent. Once the shirt is washed in the machine it is just like any other piece of clothing and can be worn, washed, and dried with all your other laundry.

Swirl Tie Dye How To

This is just one method of creating a tie dye shirt. There are many ways to do tie dye, and it can be done on items other than shirts, such as pillow cases, socks, sheets, towels, blankets, and much more. You can find numerous tutorials on YouTube with step by step video processes for all the different items. And you can buy tie dye kits from any craft store or craft department from a local store.

Tie dyeing is great for birthday parties, sleepovers, vacations, holidays, group trips, costumes, and more. Tie dye can be worn all throughout the year, and it makes a colorful, fun souvenir from your stay at our resorts!

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