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Hello and big welcome from Scottsdale Links Resort in beautiful and very sunny Arizona. For today I will be writing about our most definitely popular pebble painting that is good for people of all ages.

Pebble Painting

Pebble painting is growing in popularity because it is a way of bringing communities together especially in the weird time we are living in. That is solely because people have been painting pebbles or even large rocks and putting them around they’re neighborhoods and spreading positivity and other neighbors joining in.

Pebble Painting Designs

They can be a simple “hello”, or a smiley face, then there’s the more intricate ones. Pebble painting or rock painting can be done on any rock or pebble with the correct smoothness or shape depending of what you would like for it to be. I had a guest once make a rock into a clam because of it’s shape and a lot of people love to try and recreate it. It is all up to the level of imagination you have and want to put into your special rock, or pebble.

We have an activity scheduled but we encourage all guest to call ahead and set up a time that first suits them to come create their pebble. We provide the pebbles and the paint, or paint markers needed. It is also encouraged to bring your own pebble or rock that maybe you found on the way to the center or your grandchild picked it up and it gave you inspiration to paint it for them. We have a row of pebbles with different designs you can choose from. They range from beautiful landscapes of a sunset on one side to a mountain and dessert range on the other side, or maybe a ladybug that is super simple and easy for toddlers to make. Which they love because who doesn’t like a cute little ladybug. I have also made Disney characters that guest have fallen in love with and end up taking them.

Pebble Painting Art

Which means somewhere out there one of the pebbles I have painted is in someone’s garden, or walkway or even maybe just on they’re dresser in their room to remember their vacation here at Scottsdale Links Resort in Arizona. This is why this activity and craft has become so popular because you can leave a piece of you anywhere and leave an impression to someone else that might have needed a reason to smile that day. Once you have picked your design and rock you then will paint with the markers or the paint. If you see any pebbles painted around you there are groups online you can share them on or tag on on our twitter page.

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