Kauai Ohana-Family Logs

In 2018, remnants of tropical storm Lane caused massive flooding on the island of Kauai. The downpours generated flooding that caused debris, big logs, and driftwood to wash to shore. The driftwood began to cover miles of the Wailua Beach shore. There was so much driftwood that groups and organizations organized beach clean-ups to eliminate some of the wood.


Our newest unique activity here at The Point at Poipu is our Kauai Ohana Logs. If you watched the movie Disney’s Lilo and Stitch, you know that Ohana means family, and no one gets left behind. 

Here at the Aloha Center in Poipu, we created a driftwood Ohana Log craft. Ohana Logs are a great way to repurpose the driftwood and create something special to bring back home. The pieces we use to portray family members are from Lauhala seeds that fall right from the trees on the property. The Lauhala plants are found easily throughout the Hawaiian Islands and they are found planted near beaches. The seeds are cleaned and dried a week before use. It is important to have these seeds dried before use to avoid problems taking them on the plane. These seeds are decorated with faux leaves and flowers to add a little touch of Hawaii. Small googly eyes are added to make them come alive! Shells are used to portray animals in the family and the family name is written on the driftwood.

The items you will need for this craft are:

  1. Driftwood
  2. Lauhala Seeds
  3. Faux flowers and leaves
  4. Googly Eyes
  5. Seashells
  6. Marker/Sharpie
  7. Glue


There are multiple ways you can repurpose driftwood. You could create wreaths for the holidays, wind chimes, or many like to use them to place air succulent plants. Bring out your creativity and make a one-of-a-kind craft today! 



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