Mo’o Gecko Keychains

In Hawaiian Tradition the Mo’o or Gecko is the protector of the home and was used as a way to communicate with the Gods. Geckos were considered a significant Guardian Spirit. In Hawaiian legend, it was believed that the Mo’o had shape-shifting qualities. Stories of the Mo’o turning into a dragon or other forms were often shared by word of mouth or in Hawaiian chants.


Geckos can be found everywhere in Hawaii, but are not native to the islands. There are nine different types of geckos found in Hawaii and over 1500 different species found around the world. In Hawaii, these geckos can be found not only outdoors, but are oftentimes found inside local homes. These geckos can be a nuisance with their sounds and gecko droppings, but they are a natural form of pest control. These geckos have an appetite for pests such as mosquitos, roaches, spiders, and ants. They are very territorial and will protect their area from other geckos.


Here at The Point at Poipu, our most popular craft you can take to go is our Mo’o Keychains. A variety of colorful beads are used to create this craft. We like to switch up the traditional green color and use a bunch of different color combos. These Mo’o keychains are the perfect souvenirs to take home to your friends and family!


Supplies you will need for this craft are:

  1. Keychain Rings
  2. Colorful Beads
  3. String




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