Fabric Plant Pots

fabric plant pots- paradise activity company

I would like to introduce to everyone our very colorful and different fabric plant pots, we have different sizes and a variety of fabrics you can choose from. I think one of my favorite things about this activity is how you can go home and do it to the plant pots you already have, or get new ones, maybe even show your friends and have a night in doing this very easy craft that everyone enjoys.
fabric plant pots- paradise activity company
Nowadays everyone likes plants some more than others even if it’s a tiny cactus, which are super easy to take care of or maybe you’re a professional gardener and have them all over your house. Whatever the case may be this is a simple craft that will turn all all your pots to your favorite plants to become the things you show off the most.

For this very simple craft you’re going to need modge podge, there are different types you can choose from, a paint brush, scissors, a fabric of your choosing and the most important piece a pot. The amount of fabric needed will depend on the size of the pot, you can even mix match the fabric to make the piece more unique than before. Once you have picked out your fabrics and or multiple and cut the pieces how you want them to go around your put you can now start little by little putting some modge podge on the pot and putting one piece of fabric at a time until the entire pot is covered. Once that is completed go over it again with the modge podge to seal it all in and it stays in place. This will also make it water resistant. It can be a little messy and if you’re doing it with little ones they will enjoy peeling the modge podge like dry glue off their hands. I am sure we’ve all done this once or twice.

We have done this activity multiple times with people of all ages as is very simple to teach little ones how to get it all together. Once they get the hang of it they might want to decorate their entire room with plants. I have even done this with guest that need a little bit more help than another person their age but once it was completed the look on his face of accomplishment was well worth it. He even wanted to finish his moms piece.

If you have not done this before and wanted to maybe give your pots a makeover I would highly recommend maybe digging some old fabric and reusing it. Or ordering some online but I can guarantee you will like the finished result.

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