Coin Bank Painting – Hotel Activity Orlando

Coin Bank Painting is a fun craft for anybody at any time of the year. And still being fresh into 2021, it’s never too early to start saving your coins for a future day. We offer this coin bank painting activity on the weekends, and it’s all to go! That’s right, we give you all the materials you need to be able to creatively paint your coin bank from the safety and comfort of your own suite.

Creative Coin Bank Ideas

We have various types of ceramic coin banks you can paint. We have a mermaid, unicorn, robot, turtle, dinosaur, rocket ship, castle, cupcake, and more. Of course, we still have the classic “piggy” bank you can paint. These ceramic banks are fairly quick to dry and have a stopper in the bottom of them so you can take your coins whenever you need them without “breaking the bank.”

As mentioned before, this craft is for you to take with you and paint on your own. We give you all the materials you need! We provide you with the bank of your choice, a paper plate to put the bank on while painting for less mess, 2 paintbrushes of different sizes, a paper cup for water to rinse your brushes, and the paint.

Piggy Bank Design Ideas

We pre-portioned the paint into small plastic containers for easy transportation. And a little paint goes a long way so you can even save the excess paint for one of our other painting activities or share the paint with other family members. We have all the colors of the rainbow, so you can make your bank as unique and colorful as you like. We have red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, black, and white.

And the best part about this craft is, all of the items we give you are disposable, so the mess and the clean up is hassle free! You can wash and save the paintbrushes for later, or you can dispose of them with the other materials.

Coin Bank Painting is the perfect craft or activity for any age and it’s something fun and creative to do as a family or with friends. The bank can be for you, for your kids, grandkids, as a gift for a friend, or even just a great souvenir that you created during your vacation at our resort!



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