Canvas Painting Classes

scottsdale AZ canvas painting classes

A big welcome from Scottsdale Villa Mirage, it is a weird time right now around the world and everyone is trying to find some sort of hobby, or inner peace and maybe some sort of normal. In this socially distanced activity we can set up the paint canvas, along with an easel, a water bowl, paper towels and different colors for you to create any color you want and create your very own masterpiece.  We will have different options with the main one being our peace sign with different color backgrounds. The internet also has a lot of different ideas you can choose from as sometimes people come with a different design in mind.  Well, canvas painting Scottsdale AZ  is a good way to start.

Canvas Painting Stand

Scottsdale AZ canvas painting class

Maybe you want this canvas to be up in your house, room or maybe a gift for a friend, family coworker anything.  You can even use it on a canvas painting stand.  Canvas painting over the last couple of years has become a very popular activity between people of all ages, but mainly adults. A group can come with their girlfriends on their yearly girls trip and sign up and have a great time creating their canvas that represents their vacation here in Scottsdale Arizona. A popular design is the sunset with the cactus and in the mountains. Birthdays are also a good time to come visit us and it’s a good activity for everyone to make.

During the activity we will give you pointers on different ways to create your canvas that much better. Making sure you are painting all around the canvas. Making sure you use the correct brush to get the flower petals just right and helping with mixing those colors to make that beautiful shade of green you needed for the cactus. The first step after deciding what the painting will be is painting the background. After will be choose your colors and make sure you mix your colors how you want and the perfect shade. We will grab the right brushes needed for your painting.

Canvas Painting Kit

You can use a canvas painting kit that we help you with.  After we will help with the outline of your creation, adjust the colors and experiment with different colors if needed afterwards and maybe add little details all around if you want to give your painting just something a little different. We will keep your painting in the center in a safe place to dry or you can take it back to your room.

Canvas Painting Pictures

Canvas Painting Classes in Scottsdale AZ
Check out our canvas painting pictures.  We will encourage everyone to take pictures and tag us on our Twitter so we can use as example and show our next guest that come in get inspired by your painting. We encourage everyone to create their own and use their imagination and we are just here to help with any questions you may have. There are lots of times when we get guest that are total professionals and actually teach us a lot of helpful tips that help us teach other in the long run. I hope this helps and encourages you to come in for our paint craft or even do it at home and release some creativity into the world.

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