Wine Glass Etching Ideas

wine glass etching Scottsdale AZ

A big hello from Scottsdale Links Resort and a big introduction to our Wine Glass Etching Class. We have a variety of glasses, from wine glasses with or without stems, champagne glasses, beer mugs, mason jars, we changed them all the time and choose from even more stencils. The most popular one is definitely the wine glasses, which is why we keep so many different styles on stock.

Etching on Wine Glasses

This activity is mainly for adults because of the crème that is used to etch the glass. We take precautions when it comes to this class. After the guest has chosen their choice of glass, they will then look thru and pick from our many different stencils. Maybe they want a farm themed, or our holiday themed, maybe since we are in Arizona a dessert etched glass, or even just a simple date and names. When those decisions are made we instruct the guest to clean their glasses with rubbing alcohol, after they have to put all their stencils where wanted around the glass of their choosing.

wine glass etching Scottsdale Arizona resort activity

Wine Glass Etching Kit

Then the best part, gloves on brush in hand and with a big glop of Armour etch they add to the stencil making sure it doesn’t get anywhere in the glass because it starts to work automatically. We always have paper towels around just incase and advise the guest not to touch the Armour etch and to wash immediately off if it does. Once the crème is on the glass we only have to wait a minute for the process to be complete and we wash off the crème. I like to give the glass to the guest and have them dry it off so they can see the transformation happen. The Armour etch completely eats at the glass and that is there forever. It is dishwasher safe and you have created it yourself.

Custom Wine Glass Etching

A lot of the times when we have these classes the guest are very interested in buying Armour Etch and stencils and ask us questions where to purchase all the equipment needed for them and we happily help. These glasses either become their personal Friday night wine glass use, or maybe just to label different mason jars for the kitchen, gifts for friends and family literally anything. Once the guest realize how simple and classy they are it has definitely become a guest favorite and they create more than one. Or come back months later with more friends and show off their glass etching skills to their friends.

Scottsdale AZ Wine Etching

Wine Glass Etching Stencils

I will always encourage everyone to come with a creative mind and it’s even possible to free hand etching or even make your own designs with tape. We leave that for the very good artist but the stencils help everyone make great masterpieces that will look amazing among your other glass cups in your kitchen.

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