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Greetings from Scottsdale Links Resort

I have to say this by far is my favorite I repeat my favorite pool activity of all time. It’s funny and entertaining for you and the guest and even employees that are in the immediate area. It is also Covid -19 friendly and gives you, your family and friends a chance to bond and help each other as a team to come up with the answer. It consists of different questions that are supposed to trick you and riddles.

Brain Games Pool

When I play this activity no matter the crowd at either of the locations I am guaranteed to have a lot of laughs even if they were not entirely participating and writing down the answers.  There have been times where guests have requested to take a picture of our questions so they can show their friends and family and have a laugh with them. I’ve also had guest come up and give me some questions they have that I can add to the list of questions we have. We are constantly adding more questions so we are prepared for guest that stay for long periods or have been here before.

I think my favorite part of brain games is when I am reading the answers out loud and guest tell me their answers out loud and the entire pool participates regardless of if they are correct or not everyone has a good laugh. It’s also fun to watch when families split up and make it a competition inside a competition to see who can answer the most questions correctly.

Whenever you’re around Scottsdale make sure to join us during our Brain games we promise you will have a great time laughing and trying your hardest answering our brain busting questions.


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