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A big hello from Scottsdale Links Resort,

One of our most popular and fun activity are bath bomb molds, they are by far popular with everyone no matter the age as well as a good treat to make yourself while on vacation. Not only will you learn how to make them our staff will give you detailed instructions you can take home that will help with making more bath bombs molds not only for you but for family, friends and anyone in between.

Best Bath Bombs

To make the best bath bombs, you need a couple of different items a lot of us already have in our homes, others you may need to go to your local grocery store or order online. While staying with us at one of our locations when you come pick up your bath bomb kit or if you reserved a time to come do the activity in the center we will have everything you need. To start you will need two bowls one for your wet mixture and another for your dry mixture. For the wet mixture you will need coconut oil, vitamin e oil, a scent and a colorant. The dry mixture will need baking soda, Epsom salt, cornstarch and citric acid. The measurements all depends on how many bath bombs you are making.

How To Use A Bathbomb


When both of your mixes are done we will then combine both and mix until we have a wet sand consistency. To add something extra and make your bath bomb even more special than before you can add edible flower petals that will make your bath experience that much more relaxing. If you want the kit we will have this ready for you in separate bags and only thing we will need is for you and your family or friends to choose from our variety of scents and colors, you can even combine scents and make it even more unique. After this you put it in a mold and let freeze for a couple hours and your wonderful bath bomb has been completed.

Bath Bombs For Kids

This will help you with making bath bombs for your entire family on the holidays, for birthdays, maybe your kids teachers or literally any occasion instead of buying them at the store. Maybe you have a girls night this is also a good Sparty idea for you and your friends, can also make soaps and sugar scrubs. It is fun and easy for any age group. I will say it a little messy but that is part of the fun. I have plenty of stories of people making bath bombs and coming back later telling me and the staff how much they enjoyed it.

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