Ukulele Painting

The Ukulele was first introduced in Hawaii in 1879. The early Portuguese immigrants that came to work in the sugar plantation were the first to introduce the instrument. Migrants brought to Hawaii an instrument called the “Machete” and the Hawaiians created their version of that which is now known as the Ukulele. The Ukulele in Hawaiian means “Jumping Fleas” and the proper pronunciation is OOH-KOO-LEH-LEH. The ukulele has become an iconic Hawaiian instrument and is seen at almost any Luau in Hawaii.

The Ukulele is shaped like a mini acoustic guitar but uses nylon string instead of metal. Quality Ukuleles are made of hardwoods like Acacia Koa and Mahogany. The less expensive Ukuleles are made with plastic, plywood, and laminate wood.

Popular Ukulele players are Israel Kamakawiwo’ole who plays the popular song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, Jake Shimaukuro, and the former Beatle George Harrison.

Painted Ukuleles are the perfect souvenir to take home when visiting Hawaii. Display Ukuleles are sanded down on the front flat surface to remove the varnish. White paint is painted on the body of the Ukulele to create a blank canvas. Paint your unique design with acrylic paints and finish it off with a clear coat of Mod Podge. You will enjoy your unique creation for years to come!



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