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Straw Weaving

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Hotel, Dept straw weaving

Keeping kids busy can sometimes be hard to do. If you are looking for an easy but time-consuming project for your kids to do, Straw Weaving may just be the perfect thing.

Kraft Knitter Straw Weaving Loom

I’m sure that when you first think of weaving, you think, it will be something very complicated, but it is such an easy craft. Straw Weaving is such a cool concept, there are no needles or looms, all you need is some yarn, straws, and tape.

This craft is really great for older kids, but teens and adults may enjoy this too, I know I enjoyed Straw Weaving once I got started. Once you get the basic concept, it is easy to continue. Some of the younger kids may need help getting started and tying the ends off when they are done. The good thing is that you can make your Straw Weaving as short or long as you want.

You can make bracelets, bookmarks, necklaces, or headbands out of it. You can keep them for yourself or start trading with your friends. Straw Weaving makes a good craft that you can do at birthday parties, in a classroom with students, during aftercare programs, or a summer or holiday camp. It is such a easy craft you can do it pretty much anywhere.

Weaving Straw

Let’s get started.

Here is what you need:

Activities, Hotel, Dept Straw Weaving startup

  • 3 Drinking straws
  • Yarn (color of your choice)
  • Tape (scotch tape or painter tape)
  • Scissors

Soda Straw Weaving


How to Straw Weave:

  1. Take your 3 drinking straws and put them next to each other than tape them at one end like the picture below.

straw weaving-Activities, Hotel, Dept

2.Now you want to take some yarn and cut 3 equal pieces that are at least 2 times longer than your straws. The longer that you make the yarn pieces the longer your weaving can be.

straw weaving with yardActivities, Hotel, Dept


3. Thread one piece of yarn through each of the straws. You may want to have a wood skewer to help feed the yarn through the straw.

threading yard-straw-weaving-Activities, Hotel, Dept Straw Weaving

4. Tie the 3 yarn pieces together at one end leaving a couple inches at the end to tie if you are making a bracelet

straw yarn-Activities, Hotel, Dept

5. You can choose to tape the straws to the table to make it a little easier, but you don’t have to.

6. Once that it all done, take the end from the ball of yarn that you are using and tie a knot on one of the end straws.

Activities, Hotel, Dept

7. Now you are ready to start weaving! You will want to make an over/under pattern with the yarn. Under the middle straw, over the end straw, then wrap the yarn under the end straw and over the middle and under the first straw and then repeat.

straw weaving activity- Hotel, Dept Activities, Hotel, Dept

Once you have the pattern down the rest is easy. As you move down you may start to run out of straw. No worries, remove the tape from the top of the straws, grab the bottom of the straws and push the yarn up off the top end of the straws. If the yarn starts to separate, don’t worry just pull the 3 pieces of yarn down and push the weaved yarn up. Once you are done, tie the end of the yarn into a knot just like you did when you started and then knot the 3 pieces together.

You have finished your Straw Weaving and now you can enjoy your bracelet, bookmark or whatever you choose to make it.

Happy Crafting!

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