Paradise Activity Company – Williamsburg VA creates amazing positive experiences around holiday time

They say the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year. We couldn’t agree more! It’s only the fall season, but our Activity Center team members start to perk up now in anticipation of the holiday season. It’s not just the cooler air, the twinkling lights and decor, or the overall joy in the air; it’s the chance to make a difference in our young guests lives and create memories. Each year we get the opportunity to deliver joy to the boys and girls of our resort that stay with us for the Christmas holiday. We mean literally deliver joy through our Stocking Delivery program.

Each year, parents can contact the Activity Center and purchase a “Santa Stocking” to be delivered to their kids the week of the holiday. Michael and Amanda, our manager and supervisor get to put on our Elf hats and bring these personally assembled stocking to the boys and girls of the resort.

The reason we get filled with joy each year to participate in this activity all stems from one young girl we encountered 4 years ago. Her name was Olivia. Just typing her name brings joy to our faces, if you could see us now, we are grinning from ear to ear by just the mention of her name.

Olivia was fighting cancer during her stay. Not the most cheerful thing to talk about during the holidays, but her parents wanted to make sure that every moment with Olivia counted. They chose to stay with us at Greensprings Vacation Resort during the week of Christmas. Olivia’s mom ordered a stocking from Michael & Amanda in the Activity Center and they assembled it with joy not knowing Olivia’s condition.

On Christmas Eve that year, Michael and Amanda began delivering stockings as they had been together for a couple year already. When they knocked on the door of Olivia’s suite, her mother answered the door. With excitement in their voices, they piped up and said Merry Christmas, where’s Olivia. They were welcomed inside by Olivia’s mom and Michael and Amanda had no idea they would soon encounter a young girl that would change their outlook on the holidays for many years to come.

They looked over at the couch in the suite and saw Olivia resting with a big blanket and a weary look. Once Michael and Amanda announced they were Santa’s helpers here to deliver something from the Big Man himself, you wouldn’t believe what happened with Olivia. Her eyes lit up, Amanda and Michael swore they saw a twinkle in them, color rushed over her face, and she sat up on the couch with all the excitement of a kid on Christmas. Michael and Amanda handed Olivia the stocking and she was so excited that she dumped all its contents on her lap over her favorite blanket and began to tear things open with the speed of a Olympic runner.

Making a difference in that moment at the holidays in Olivia’s life, made a difference in ours. Not just giving us a moment to share that year, but letting us share this story years later. Who’s your Olivia? Whomever it is, be sure to share special moments with them every day. Create moments of a lifetime.

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