Paradise Activity Company Presents The Historic Powhatan Resort Ghost Tour experience

Looking for a paranormal experience with a centuries old twist?. It can be found at The Historic Powhatan Resort with our Paranormal Ghost Tour and Academy. Ever wondered what goes into being a Ghost Hunter? Watching those types of shows on television or online can be fun, but why not live it in real (after)life? See what we just did there?

The Historic Powhatan Resort offers a Paranormal Ghost Academy and Tour year round in our prestigious and historical landmark, the Powhatan Resort Manor House. It’s nearly 300 years old and has seen it’s share of battle and death on the property in it’s time. The Paranormal Ghost Academy and Tour is offered your round to our guests of our resort as a unique experience while on vacation.

Without even leaving the resort, our guests can experience this Powhatan Signature Event with friends and family members while vacationing with us. The “tour” as we all call it, lets you experience the inner workings of a ghost hunter’s life with David, your tour guide. He’ll share the history of ghost hunting as a profession, along with the ethics and safety of it. He’ll talk about the ghost stories that go along with the house and resort property as well. David will even give you a history of the house itself, as he will tell you, as a ghost hunter you have to know the history of the location you are doing a ghost hunt at to know what to expect.

Then, if that’s not enough, he’ll show you equipment that ghost hunting experts use. He will tell you about the equipment and how to use it and then let you enter the house and see if you can get readings on the equipment.

This fun, educational and exhilarating event happens multiple times a week based on the season but tickets can be purchased in advance at the Activity Center at the resort.

See your activity calendar online or when you check in for more details, and how to contact the Activity Center with any other questions you may have. The Powhatan Manor House is the jewel of our resort, and our Paranormal Ghost Academy and Tour gives you a unique way to spend the evening in the house with a paranormal twist.

Paradise Activity Company is the largest vendor for activities, entertainment and hospitality for the resort, timeshare and recreation niche. We provide all services relating to the on-property activities at each resort.

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