Honu Green Sea Tutles

The green sea turtle in Hawaii is called Honu in Hawaiian. The honu is frequently seen on the shores or shallow coastal waters in Hawaii. These green sea turtles are the most common indigenous species found in Hawaii. These turtles have a lifespan similar to humans and can live up to 80 years old. Sea turtles have been around swimming Earth’s oceans for over 75 million years.

In Hawaiian myth, it is said that the honu lead ancient Polynesians to the Hawaiian Islands. The honu became a symbol of longevity, safety, and mana-power. In Hawaiian culture, the honu and its presence bring peace and good luck. The honu is also considered an Aumakua which symbolizes a family guardian or god. A petroglyph of a honu can be found in the Pu’u Loa lava fields on the Big Island and it shows proof of its importance to its Hawaiian people.

Sadly, these beautiful Honu’s are endangered. It is important to Malama – to take care of these animals and respect them from a distance. When visiting Hawaii it is important to observe at an appropriate distance and do not touch these animals.  The honu holds so much importance to the Hawaiian people so let’s do our part and keep our oceans clean.

Here at The Point at Poipu, the Green Sea Turtles often make their way swimming around Keoneloa Bay. It is a beautiful sight to see and observe them in their natural habitat. They are also commonly seen laying on the sand at Poipu Beach, Mahaulepu Beach, and Turtle Cove in Princeville.



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