Galaxy Jars

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Galaxy jars, or sensory jars, are a craft that can be enjoyed by all ages. This craft has something for everyone. Children who find excitement in shaking up their galaxy jar to make the glitter dance around wildly, or older individuals who find the swirl of the glitter in the colored liquid gives off a calming sensation.
When our guests first arrive at the activity table, they can see all the ingredients that go into our galaxy jars, as well as three different already made jars we have out on display.

These displayed jars give the guests an idea of the options they can choose from to create their very own miniature galaxy.  

There are a few different versions of galaxy jars floating out there on the internet and Pinterest. Ours is a simple concoction of Elmer’s Clear Liquid Glue, water, food coloring and glitter. Our staff is ready to help by pouring the clear glue into the mason jar about halfway. Then we add water until it nearly reaches the brim of the jar.  Next, the guests get to choose their food coloring and glitter that will go into their individual jars.

We allow the older children and adults to put 3-4 drops of their food coloring into the jar. With the little ones, we tend to do the color drops for them or ask for them to help us, so they still feel like they’re a part of the creation process.  The next step is to add the glitter that the guest has chosen to complete their galaxy jar. Again, a little assistance from the staff helps ensure that we don’t have a glitter disaster that we’ll be seeing all over for months to come.

Finally, it comes to the best part. We put the lid back onto the jars, making sure that it’s closed properly and tightly, then we hand off the jar to the creator and tell them to get shaking! The delight on their faces is infectious. When the colors and glitter start to take over the entire jar, their eyes light up. All that shaking creates a whirling, churning spectacle that really looks like a miniature galaxy in their hands. It’s exciting for us as well, as the guests choose different color combinations that we may not have seen before.

So, whether it’s created by someone who finds the thrill of shaking up their jar to marvel at the glitter spiraling around, or by someone who may enjoy the calming effect of watching glitter lazily drift around the jar, these galaxy jars will fit the bill.



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