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Paradise Activity Company is America’s Premier Resort Hospitality Company. We focus on activities, entertainment, and hospitality outsourcing for timeshares, hotel and resort operations worldwide. The hospitality industry counts on Paradise Activity Company to run their hotel and resort activities departments, making it the largest outsourced activities vendor in the United States.

Hotels, resorts, timeshares, recreational communities, and several hot vacation destinations have realized the benefits of outsourcing activity staffing to us.

Active Guests Are Satisfied Guests

Paradise Activity Company offers an extensive implementation plan that will enhance resort activities and captivate and engage guests. We make the most of the resort and hotel environment and tailor activities and hospitality to individual locations. With nearly a decade of experience in the resort industry, we can determine what is right for each property and activity center we operate. We provide our hotel and resort activities team members with the training and tools needed to provide a cohesive and inviting environment. Think about the last vacation you took. The number one thing you remember is how that vacation made you feel. Creating experiences and moments that hotel and resort guests will remember for a lifetime.

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Activities U.S.A.

Since our opening in Branson, Missouri, in 2011, Paradise Activity Company has managed to expand our resort
activities operations across the country. From Maui and Kauai in Hawaii to vacation spots like Orlando and
Williamsburg, Virginia, and points in-between. Paradise Activity Company is the only full-fledged 3rd party
resort and hotel activity vendor for the industry. We have experience running multiple resorts in multiple
locations and turning existing activity centers into exciting, new, and refreshing areas for guests.

Creativity & Hospitality

Why are we a successful resort and hotel activity operations company? There are two words that answer that question; creativity and hospitality. We extensively practice the art of creativity and provide unique activities and experiences not yet existing at many of our locations before assuming operations.
As innovative leaders in the field of resort activities, hotel entertainment, and interactive guest relations, Paradise Activity Company has been built upon its core solid resources and creative talent. Founders, Larry Pellegrini and Jeff Gitlin continually strive to institute new and exciting programs for guests in the resort and hospitality industry to enjoy.

Creativity at the Core

Paradise Activity Company employs creative minds that understand what traveling guests are looking for in
activities, and hospitality experiences for kids, teens, adults, and seniors. No matter the demographic you cater to, or are seeking to attract at your location, we have the creative minds to develop the right hotel and resort activities for your location and guests. We work with local specialty vendors to provide once in a lifetime activities and experiences. Our creative minds at Paradise Activity Company understand that we have to offer activities at our hotels and resorts that attract travelers, engage them to book a destination and return to that same location repeatedly.

Year-Round Hospitality Activities

While your competitor may focus on the core traveling season from May to September, wouldn’t you want to
focus on the shoulder seasons as well? Paradise Activity Company develops hotel and resort activities that cater to several demographics regardless of the season that you are hosting your clients and guests. We capture the vacation experience, with fun and interactive hotel and resort activities, along with bringing in new and exciting entertainment options. We develop engaging and unique activities for kids, teens, and adults of all brackets.
Whether it’s kids’ activities, teen activities, cultural activities, health and wellness programs, entertainment showcase activities, or unique experiences for all ages, Paradise Activity Company has got it covered!

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Why Paradise Activity Company?

Paradise Activity Company has a proven track record of increasing Quality Assurance and Hospitality Scores, both driving aspects of any resort or hotel. We are a multifaceted operation that handles a myriad of resort activities, including entertainment, pool operations support, food & beverage driven events, consulting services, and the creation of daily creative activities for guests.

Growing Capacity & Offerings

In 2020, Paradise Activity Company will be adding a full line of senior living activities and even cruise ship staffing. We can tailor our operations to boutique properties or corporate brands too. So why Paradise Activity Company? Simply put, we make the activity and hospitality part easy so you can focus on your other key revenue generating departments.

From recruiting, onboarding, training, and implementation, we ensure hospitality, success, creativity, and productivity from day one of operations.

Unique Resort & Hotel Activity Outsourcing

Paradise Activity Company specializes in providing resort and hotel activities that are unique to each location by utilizing all aspects of that location. We assemble our management team and the existing hotel and resort teams and collect information to provide hotel and timeshare activities. We specialize in providing hotel activities ideas and programming, and resort and hotel entertainment, which incorporate resort and hotel staff training to develop managers, build teams, increase productivity, and create a better experience for hotel and activities team members and guests. Location, demographics, traveler interest, or other factors are all taken into consideration when creating an activities schedule for a new resort, hotel, or boutique hospitality location.

We offer an extensive implementation plan that will not only enhance your hotel and resort activities but will also get your guests more engaged and having fun.

Comprehensive Management Team

We employ an Operations Team, Human Resources, Accounting, Creative Team, and a Purchasing Team. Each of these teams specialize in a dedicated task and provide support to our highly skilled resort activity manager and front-line team members.

Our senior operations team is dedicated to training, quality assurance, policies and best practices. We consistently reinforce tested, tried-and-true methods for delivering success. Assuming the policies and procedures of any location we work with, we live in the details that add up to the big picture to ensure success.

You Are In Control

Our Senior Management team puts our resort and hotel activities managers in the driver’s seat when it comes to developing content for hotel and resort activities for guests. We value our resort and hotel activities managers and empower them to spark creativity and establish a wide variety of activities in a wide array of categories.

Professional Staff

Human Resources Team

Our Human Resources team communicates with managers and team members directly to ensure a successful company culture for team members at each location to feel valued and be passionate about what they do. Both operations and human resources work in tandem to provide successful on-boarding process to include a new hire orientation and training sessions from day one. These teams work to develop Manager training initiatives and seminars. Our human resources team ensures the value of our team members is highlighted with team building activities, monthly appreciation periods, a commitment to personal growth and a healthy work-life balance.

Procurement & Purchasing

Our Purchasing and Accounting team members work closely together to establish a seamless flow of product,
equipment, material and all the logistics to processes it all to our on-site team members. Using an in-house purchasing team, we ensure a cost-effective manner of operations, leaving the ability to reinvest in our resort and hotel activities team members.

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A Passionate Creative Team

Our Creative Team develops content not only at the resort and hotel levels for managers and team members to
implement each season, but also supervises our Social Media channels to showcase the creativity and passion of our team members. Face it, social media is where it’s at currently, so highlighting, marketing, and sharing our content with our audience is something else our Creative Team is passionate about doing for our clients.

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A Passionate Creative Team

Our Creative Team develops content not only at the resort and hotel levels for managers and team members to
implement each season, but also supervises our Social Media channels to showcase the creativity and passion of our team members. Face it, social media is where it’s at currently, so highlighting, marketing, and sharing our content with our audience is something else our Creative Team is passionate about doing for our clients.

Be Our Guests & Explore

Be sure to explore our site in further detail, meet some of our senior staff and activities team. You’ll see that we have many things in common. We love passion, drive, creativity, and making others feel good. We also have great hospitality knowledge and experience to achieve our mutual goals.

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