Are you tired of going off the property to enjoy your vacation? Don’t want to watch TV? Do you just want to get away from all the noise and enjoy some peace and quiet? Well, we have the perfect thing for you. Come down to our Harbor, which is down by the lake and grab a fishing pole and a cup of worms for ten dollars. Have your own pole, but need bait, we sell our bait separately at four dollars a cup. We have both Spinning Reels and Push Button Reels. Our Lake is filled with Bass, Bluegill, Brim, Carp, and Catfish.     

You are more than welcome to walk all around our lake to cast your pole or you can walk down to our dock that extends into our lake, giving you a better opportunity to cast further. During your fishing excursion you have a great chance of seeing our snapping turtles, iguana, birds, and our hungry ducks. Here a little secret we can give you bird feed too, free of charge or you can bring your own bread to feed our ducks too. 

Well, what are you waiting for? Come relax down by the lake, while fishing or challenge your friends, family members or even people you just met at the resort to see who can catch the most fish in a day. Who knows the winner could even win a sweet Diamond Resort prize. 



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