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South Lykken Trail - Paradise Activity Company Trail in Palm Canyon CA

Hello, my name is Bradley Zirker and I am one of the Activity Coordinators at Mystic Dunes Resorts & Golf Club. As an activity coordinator, we are often known as the “fun” of the resort. We interact with guests through exciting activities such as poolside games and activity center arts and crafts. But the one thing I know that I am most known for is being the night shuttle driver.

Shuttle services are another amenity that we offer as coordinators. Driving the guest around for long periods of time can be a hectic task at times depending on the volume of the day. But how I handle it, is with a smile, knowing that I am responsible for getting the guests safely to their desired destination, and keeping them entertained with my sense of humor while they are on my golf cart.

I take extreme pride in knowing that I have made someone’s day while transporting them around the resort, even if it’s just for 10 minutes. All in all, I enjoy coming to work every day and making everyone’s day better with my professionalism and warm-hearted personality!!!



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