Jeff Gitlin

Giant Jenga

Are you trying to relive the family memories of game night? Or were you to “young” to beat your older siblings? Or do you still want to show why you are considered top dog? Well come down to our Grand Room and play our classic game of Giant Jenga. The game that anyone has a …

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Ukulele Painting

The Ukulele was first introduced in Hawaii in 1879. The early Portuguese immigrants that came to work in the sugar plantation were the first to introduce the instrument. Migrants brought to Hawaii an instrument called the “Machete” and the Hawaiians created their version of that which is now known as the Ukulele. The Ukulele in …

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Hawaiian Goddess

Lava Bead Bracelets

When you visit Hawaii, you will most likely hear the name “Pele” pronounced “Peh-Le”. She is also referred to as “Madame Pele” or “Tutu Pele” for respect. She is also known as “Pelehonuamea” which means “she who shapes the sacred land” and is the goddess of fire and volcanoes. According to Hawaiian Legend, Pele is …

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Gel Candle

What better decoration for your home than our beautiful gel candle, a decoration that you can put in your bedroom, living room or even your bathroom. You can do it in any month of the year we count as many colors of sand and decorations that you can have inside your gel candle, today we …

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Sock Snowmen

Sock snowmen is a craft and activity that can be enjoyed by nearly all ages. These snowmen, or snow people are a cute little addition to anyone’s holiday décor and bring a little bit of winter to our tropical area. We hold the craft in the clubhouse lobby so we can enjoy our creations in …

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Are you tired of going off the property to enjoy your vacation? Don’t want to watch TV? Do you just want to get away from all the noise and enjoy some peace and quiet? Well, we have the perfect thing for you. Come down to our Harbor, which is down by the lake and grab …

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Gel Candle

What better decoration for your home than a beautiful gel candle made with your own hands and effort, a decoration that can have your favorite colors of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black and white etc.  You can design it to your liking that reminds you of either the forest or the depths of …

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Poke in Hawaii

Spelled like Poke in English, but pronounced POH – KAY in Hawaiian. Poke in Hawaiian means to section or cut off. Poke is cubes of fish seasoned with different things and marinated in a sauce. In Hawaii, Poke is oftentimes a Pupu, which means appetizer in Hawaiian.  Pupu is served during happy hour while drinking …

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Activity Center at Mystic Dunes Resort Orlando FL

Paradise Activity Company Activity Center at Mystic Dunes Resort in Orlando, FL

The activities center is the place for fun. It’s the place to come when you’re bored and looking for something to do. When you are on vacation, it’s a place where memories are created. There are many different choices for activity centers, but Paradise Activity Company is the best activity center in town. Most of …

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galaxy jar paradise activity company

Galaxy Jars

Galaxy jars, or sensory jars, are a craft that can be enjoyed by all ages. This craft has something for everyone. Children who find excitement in shaking up their galaxy jar to make the glitter dance around wildly, or older individuals who find the swirl of the glitter in the colored liquid gives off a …

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