Poolside Games

The day will come again soon where we can have pool parties and gather with friends, and we cannot wait for that to happen. In the meantime, here are some fun and exciting activities we would do on a hot summer day by the pool. We’ve done many poolside activities, but we have some staples that will never go away, and they’re great for all ages. And those that don’t wish to participate can still enjoy watching our POOLSIDE GAMES!

Family Day Poolside Activities

Hula Hoop Contest- Hula Hoops are a fun challenge that not many people have perfected. But those that know how to do it, love joining in a hula hoop contest to show off their skills. We start off with the classic way to do it: see who can keep their hula hoop moving around their waist the longest. Once some players are eliminated and there are a few hoops still moving, we try to throw some tricks in there to see who the real hula hoop experts are. Once we have the last person whose hoop didn’t drop, they are our hula hoop champion and win the prize. We do some rounds for just the kids, and we do more rounds for just the adults. And we play some upbeat 1950’s & 1960’s era music like, “Jailhouse Rock,” or “At The Hop,” to set the mood. It’s a fun game to participate in and show off your skills, or it’s great to sit back and see who the winner is going to be.hula hoop at pool in Orlando activity hula hoops

Poolside Limbo

How low can you go?! Limbo is another Poolside Game we like to do and the spectators love watching from the sidelines. This one is a pretty simple concept: arch your back and go under the Limbo stick without touching the stick or falling down. After each contestant takes a turn, the stick is lowered, making this contest more and more difficult for the players. If you fall down or touch the stick with your chin or face your game is over, but there is always one person who can limbo the lowest and wins the game. This is another game that we do with kids, then we do a round for the adults. The adult round is always a crowd pleaser, and we keep the good music playing for Limbo with songs like, “La Bamba,” and “Jump In The Line.”water balloon activity poolside Orlando water balloon toss poolside

Water Balloon Toss- You can’t play some Poolside Games without getting wet, so our Water Balloon Toss is the perfect summer game to play by the pool. This is a great game for adults and kids to play together. Contestants work in teams of two, and toss a water balloon back and forth to each other. After each toss one teammate will take a step back, making their partner farther away, so the distance of each toss becomes bigger. If the balloon pops, your team is out until we have one final team remaining that hasn’t let their water balloon pop. It’s a splash-tastic way to have some fun and cool off during the hot summer.

Musical Stars- This game is like Musical Chairs, but instead of chairs, we use large star shapes on the ground. The stars are placed in a circular formation and each player stands on a star. Once the music starts playing the players move from star to star, and when the music stops everyone needs to be standing on a star. The player who isn’t on a star is out. Each round another star is taken out of the circle, until there is one star left and 2 players, and one of those 2 players has to be the first one on the last remaining star when the music stops to win the game. Another way we play the game is without taking a star away each round. Instead, all the players stand on a star once the music stops, and we choose a color. Anyone standing on that color star is eliminated until we have one person left and they are declared the winner of that round!

All pictures PRE-COVID!  We hope to get back to “normal” activities soon!

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