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A big welcoming Hello from Scottsdale Villa Mirage, today we are going to talk about one of our currently most popular activities we have. The Ornaments to Go, what they are is you get to choose between either a glass ornament ball or a plastic one along with different items needed to decorate them, or maybe just one and you want to go with a simplistic design. The option and design ideas are all yours after we assist with maybe giving you a spark in your imagination with some of our ideas. Usually when we have people come in to make the ornaments its either for themselves, or someone in they’re family or friend to have a piece of decoration around their house. Or most commonly used for the Christmas tree during the holidays, or around the house. For our Covid-19 precautions we have guest call ahead and set up a time to pick up their ornament and they’re different décor they will need.

Glass Christmas Ornaments

Once the guest have set up their time to come into the center for ornaments to go we will have ready the different ornaments, either the glass, the ceramic ornaments that come in different shapes, or the plastic ornament. For the glass there will be markers you may pick your favorite colors, fake snow,jewels and whatever else you may need to decorated either the inside and/or the outside. For the ceramic ornaments we have a gingerbread man, a star, and a Christmas tree and we have the paint pens you get to take to your room and use for the beautiful painting or your ornament. As well as take some jewels and if you want to make it extra perfect we allow a time to set up a time to do the craft in the center just incase maybe you want a different paint or glitter.

Christmas Ornaments Glitter

Don’t worry we like glitter and will handle the glitter explosion. Lastly we have the plastic ornaments that allow you to use our tiny pine trees to glue inside, or tiny holiday presents, or even tiny snowmen. Along with those you can decorate them and the inside of the ornament or paint dots or snowflakes on the outside of it. We will have a picture of one I created that is very simple compared to some I have seen guest create. Kids once you give them the things they need take off and we see some great inspirations. We also have the fake snow to add to the ornament and it almost makes them into miniature snowglobes. I hope this inspires some of you to either stop by our property or even do yourselves at home.

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