Canvas Painting An activity for all

Its no secret that as an activities team, we love creativity! We have an entire room dedicated just for arts and crafts! Our Art Studio has a variety of different crafts to choose from such as piggy banks, bird houses and many other things. One of our favorite scheduled crafting activities is Canvas painting! Here at Liki Tiki we love canvas painting because we love seeing our guests express their emotions through art! 

Canvas painting has always been such a wonderful way to get creative! Unlike painting piggy banks, or birdhouses, this truly is a blank canvas for you to create a masterpiece no one has seen before. Here at Liki Tiki we have added multiple Canvas painting activities to  our schedule because we want to make sure that everyone gets a chance to come in and create! Our scheduled activities ranges from Kids Canvas Painting Class to Guided Adult Canvas Painting! 

In our Kids Canvas Painting Class, we have two sections! A guided section, and an independent section. The independent section is away from the instructor and more isolated for creative diversity! In the guided section, the kids have full access to the canvas instructor and their painting. We start the kids canvas class by set up all the colors the guests ask for and we provide them (and their parents) with smocks to help keep clean. We introduce a couple of paintings and let the kids choose which one they would like to do. Once the kids pick their favorite painting, the instructor starts to guide them on how to paint the painting they chose. It is important that with the kids, the instructor shows the steps slowly, and isn’t afraid to walk around and help. Another thing our instructor does is check up on the independent kids every once and a while, because while they chose to not follow the instructor, they might still have questions about the painting they chose! During the class, we also make sure to play fun music and interact with the guests! 

For our Guided Adult Canvas Painting  we start of by prepping the room with the paint, canvas, paintbrushes, and water (socially distanced set up). We then ask the guests if they would like to paint something from our painted selection, or if they have their own painting in mind. Everyone works on their own painting as the instructor makes rounds to assists the guests on their personal paintings. Because we take this approach instead of teaching step by step on one specific painting, the guests feel like they have the creative freedom to express themselves on the canvas. Never the less, we make sure that the guests get any help/guidance they wish to get while painting their masterpiece. Just as the kids class, we have age appropriate music playing in the background as well as constantly interact with the guests to help them feel more comfortable!

To sum up everything that has been stated so far, our Canvas activities revolve around creativity, freedom, and just plain fun! Whether it be the kids class, or the adult canvas activity, we strive for a comfortable fun atmosphere that inspires creativity within!


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